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  1. When creating meatballs, use an ice cream scoop to help you mold perfectly shaped meatballs as opposed to eyeing them.

  2. When cooking meatballs, ensure you line them up in rows with all of them touching as this allows
    for even cooking and keeps the juices inside for moist meatballs.

  3. When searing meat, ensure you the meat is room temperature before cooking so that the pan
    doesn’t get cool from the meat. Ensure your pan is very hot, then add oil, and then add your meat.
    Remember that a hot pan means a nice sear.


    Poached Salmon

  4. For a creamy smoothie, puree or soup, add an avocado into the blender with your recipe as it adds
    great texture, taste and nutrients.

  5. When salting protein or vegetables, leave 12” of space between your hand and the food as the
    seasoning will evenly disperse evenly from a higher distance.

  6. Use pasta water to thicken your sauces, as pasta water retains starch from the pasta to give it more